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Sheet Metal

At Aviation Rebuilders, we have a fully equipped sheet metal repair facility, with every imaginable piece of equipment that would be required to carry out sheet metal repairs to your beloved aircraft.  With decades of expertise in our workshop, the art of sheet metal is is practiced with love and care.  From our fabulous English Wheel to our various rollers and benders... The possibilities are endless.

Our organisation approval under SA CAA AMO 188, Category B, enables us to carry out repairs to all aircraft of metal construction for which current publications are available.  Our only limitation would be the height of our hangar roof, so we're reaching for the sky on that one. 

We offer very reasonable quotations on incident/accident damage repairs, either privately or will happily quote your assessor in the event of an insurance claim.  With the support of our approved sub contractors in the mechanical, painting and various other categories as are required, we will manage your repairs and do our utmost to ensure your aircraft is flying again soon. 

Conveniently located at the entrance to Rand Airport, arguably the most awesome airport in Jo'burg, easily accessible from several highways and offering all the services you would expect from your airport of choice, with ATC, Emergency Services and Rand Fire Department all available at Rand Airport, for your safety and convenience, Rand is the ideal destination for all your maintenance requirements.

If your aircraft needs a little tlc or maybe slightly more extensive repairs, please give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements, we will do our utmost to assist.