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About Us and our Team

Established at Rand Airport in 1997, we've been around for 20 years!!

Our team consists of our Accountable Manager, Ken Jones, with more years in the industry that we have space to mention, he brings his knowledge and expertise to the table on a daily basis to keep our beloved GA aircraft in the air.  

Our sheet metal facility is proudly represented by our talented operators, including Harvey  as he is known to everyone,  with his impressive talent to turn a piece of alclad into a masterpiece.   The rest of the team is made up of Albert, a licenced PT6 engineer that has found his home with the tin bashers, Abel, who spends every day proving that he is more talented than  the day before and James, who assists them all where his hands are needed.

The welding shop is led my Mark, our licenced welder and Alternate Accountable Manager.   He  is aided in the daily grind  by Paulos and Leonard, who are always keen to learn something new and lend a hand.  

Isaak is our resident custodian, kept on his toes by the daily workings of the workshop.

The rest are in the office, Lyn, our General Manager  is responsible for administration as well as the organisations QA requirements as the appointed QAM, she welcomes the support of our ASO, Vivienne of AviaGlobal.  

So that's about everyone...



Category B
Sheet metal repairs to all aircraft of metal construction for which current publications are available.

Assembly of aircraft flight control cables in accordance with AC43.13 latest revision.

Tensile  testing of aircraft cables.

Category X5
i) Aluminium Alloys
ii) Carbon Steels
iii) Corrosion and heat resistant steels

Download our current AMO Approval here
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